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Traffic Ticket in Texas?

Getting your traffic violation dismissed by the court and keeping your insurance low have never been easier! Our online Defensive Driving class is the perfect medicine to cure your speeding ticket blues. It's priced as low as allowed by TX law, convenient, and most of all, State Approved!

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Keep Your TX Driving Record Unblemished!

Why Should I Take Defensive Driving?

$25. No Taxes, no hidden fees. Includes our fast, easy defensive driving course, completion certificates for ticket dismissal AND insurance discount, and free processing.
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Simply put, our online defensive driving school course is TEA approved for Dismissing Texas Traffic Tickets and is accepted by all county traffic courts in Texas. Fix your speeding ticket with peace of mind.
>Texas Approved Defensive Driving
Get up to a 10% insurance discount on your auto insurance premiums. Our online course can be taken every three years to renew this great discount. Save thousands of dollars over your driving lifetime.
> Insurance Discount Course
Learn how you can dismiss a traffic ticket without leaving home with our 100% ONLINE Defensive Driving Course If you have a laptop, take our course in a coffee shop, at work, school, or anywhere you can get internet.
> Online Defensive Driving

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At Texas Defensive Driving, we are expanding our site to offer more resources to Texas drivers. Our goal is to provide a one stop online source for Texas drivers looking for defensive driving information, TX DPS links, and local driving topics and resources. Check back often as we plan to add new pages to our site on a daily basis.

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Defensive Driving Explained

There are hundreds of driving schools in Texas permitted to teach a 6-hour defensive driving safety class to licensed TX drivers. Some of these classes are offered online (the Internet), on DVD, or even in a classroom setting. Successful completion of a Texas approved defensive driving class will entitle drivers to an official certificate that Texas courts may honor towards dismissing a traffic ticket (if issued in Texas). Additionally, when you present the course completion certificate to your TX insurance agent, most reputable companies will give you a 10% discount on the liability portion of your auto insurance for up to 3 years.

Texas Approved Safety Courses

TEA (Texas Education Agency) approves which defensive driving courses, like the one offered by TexasDefensiveDriving.com, are legitimate and may be used to dismiss a traffic ticket. By Texas law, all driving safety programs must be at least 6 hours long (whether online or in a classroom), and students must complete all six-hours of the program in order to receive a certificate of completion. If you take the TEA safety course online, your progress will be timed to insure you meet the 6 hour requirement. If you take a classroom course, those sessions are proctored by a licensed instructor, and they will consist of either six continuous hours or two three hour sessions.

TX Traffic Ticket Dismissal Rules

How often can you take a safety course for ticket erasure? Texas state law allows drivers to dismiss 1 traffic ticket every twelve months by taking a TEA approved defensive driving safety course.

Furthermore, TX law requires the following:

  • Drivers with a Commercial Driver License (CDL) CANNOT take the course
  • Taking the course requires you, the driver, to admit guilt or sign a statement that you do not contest the tarffic citation (known as nolo contendere)
  • If you were charged with a speeding violation that was 25mph or more over the speed limit, you CANNOT dismiss the ticket
  • There may be other criteria determining whether or not you can take a safety course - the traffic court always has the final say on whether on who will be permitted to dismiss their violation by taking a defensive-driving course.

    Most traffic courts want you to contact the court BEFORE you take a defensive-driving-safety-course to dismiss a ticket. You MUST get the court's permission before starting your defensive driving class. By contacting the court that is stated on your trafficticket, you can help prevent unneeded delays, additional expenses, or a requirement that you take the course again.

    A certificate of completion can't be saved and used in the future for a later traffic citation. Always complete the defensive driving safety course AFTER the traffic violation, and the court can only dismiss 1 charge for each course completion (every 12 months).

    If the Texas municipal court charges a court fee for you to take a defensive safety course, and if they force you to provide a copy of your driving record from the TX Department of Public Safety (TXDPS), those additional fees are not to be included in the price that you will pay for the driving safety course tuition.

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