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Medina County Licensed Drivers FAQ

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Medina County Online Website

Medina County Department of Public Safety (DPS)

In today's tech driven world, there are many things made easier by going on-line, especially when it comes to the Medina County TXDPS Website. The TX DPS has detailed information relevant to Medina County, as well as city specific resources for the cities of Castroville, Devine, Hondo, LaCoste, Lytle, Natalia, and San Antonio.

Medina County Offices, Links and Resources

Have FAQs about Medina County DPS policies, need directions to the Medina County DPS locations, or searching for more information about Medina County Civic recourses? We have done our best to deliver to you helpful resources and information to get your questions answered by bringing you links to your Official Medina County Website and your local Medina County TX DPS Website.

Medina County Texas DPS

A short list of some of the things Medina residents can do online at the Texas Department of Public Safety (Texas DMV) include:

  • Driving School Questions for drivers in Castroville, Devine, Hondo, LaCoste, Lytle, Natalia, and San Antonio
  • Medina County Vehicle Registration
  • Hondo Motorcycle Handbook
  • Search Medina County DPS Website
  • Medina County Parent Taught Driver Education
  • Teen Driver Information in Medina County
  • Medina County Driver License and Identification Card Information
  • Change of Medina County Address
  • Publications, Medina County Driver Handbooks, and Forms
  • Hondo Graduated Driver License Law
  • Obtain a Copy or Certified copy of Medina County Texas Driver Record
  • Driver's License FAQ for Castroville, Devine, Hondo, LaCoste, Lytle, Natalia, and San Antonio Residents
  • Devine Driver License Fees
  • Renew Driver License in Medina County
  • Request a Driver Record in Medina County
  • Devine Driver License Forms
  • Medina County Driver License Handbook
  • Medina County Driver License Office Locations
  • Medina County Driver Record Report
  • Online Medina County DPS Services
  • Moving to Medina County
  • Medina County Commercial Driver License Information (CDL)

Medina County Website Resources

Looking for Medina County specific information? We strongly recommend that you visit the Medina County Official Website for information on Medina driving, Medina County traffic, the Medina police department, Medina CNTY news, politics, and everything else Medina County related. The official Medina Website has questions and answers for Castroville, Devine, Hondo, LaCoste, Lytle, Natalia, and San Antonio residents and can be found at:

Devine Defensive Driving School

Devine Defensive Driving School

Looking for a Devine Defensive Driving In-Class Program? Why not save time, money, and mileage by staying in your Devine home and completing your defensive driver course online? Devine residents can take a defensive driving class once every 12 months to dismiss a ticket and once every three years to receive up to a 10% insurance discount from their Devine insurance provider. Sherman insurance provider. In the long run, taking a defensive driving class in the city of Devine will make you a safer driver, keep your driving record clean, and provide you potentially thousands of dollars in savings from your auto insurance company. The real question is: Why wouldn't you take online defensive driving in Devine when all of the benefits are so obviously clear?

Medina County Defensive Driving School

Defensive Driving (or Traffic School, as it is sometimes referred to in Medina County), allows responsible, licensed drivers to pay less for the cost of driving. Whether you live in Hondo or anywhere in Medina County, you can save money on your insurance rates, have points kept off your driving record, and learn how to become a better driver, all at the same time. In fact, Medina County traffic school is the smartest thing any driver can do to save a buck or two.

Hondo Defensive Driving School

Hondo Defensive Driving School

If you live in Hondo and are not holding a CDL drivers license, then you are eligible to take the Texas Defensive Driving online course. Please note, Hondo drivers who are ticketed for speeding more than 25mph in Hondo CANNOT take a TEA defensive driving course to dismiss a ticket.

Medina County Defensive Driving

Medina County drivers are encouraged to complete a TX Approved Traffic Safety Course at least every three years. Our official TX Defensive Driving Website provides Medina County drivers with everything they need to become a better driver, dismiss a traffic ticket and earn up to a 10% insurance discount. Regardless of age, our Medina defensive driving courses can be completed by most licensed drivers who meet very basic qualifications. We are committed to making drivers in the County of Medina better drivers, including residents in Castroville, Devine, Hondo, LaCoste, Lytle, Natalia, and San Antonio.

Court Approved Medina Driving School

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